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"With Chemistry, We Can"

Ahnaf Khan
If you ask me whether I love chemistry or not, I must say that I fear chemistry and I believe thinking will not overcome fear, but action will
Nafis Ibtida Sami
I have always believed that in ourselves are the triumphs and in ourselves are the defeats. Let's not be afraid to embrace some instantaneous defeats before we achieve the ultimate triumph
Zubayer Islam
Chemistry has taught me, "When the activation energy is too high, you have to tunnel through it." Because the one to survive is the one who adapts.
Marjan Hossain
Life can take a toll on your energy level, Chemistry can help you replenish your energy
Abdullah Shafique
"When I started exploring chemistry as a beginner, I found the subject very much illogical. But as I learned about chemistry in depth, I realized it is the gist of life.